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I have a born curse of being a total hopeless romantic and that is what first drew me to wedding photography. I feel incredibly blessed making brides feel beautiful, freezing time for growing families and celebrating love all around. I work from home, homeschooling our daughter, and serve as a military wife. 

I am a simple girl at heart that loves Jesus and enjoys living in yoga pants, messy braids and white t-shirts. Don't get me wrong though I love dressing up for a date with my husband!

I live in the incredible city of Grand Rapids, Michigan and enjoy the food it has to offer way too much! My husband of six years and I have one daughter and are expecting our second child in early spring!

In my spare time I enjoy anything that has to do with paper, journaling, laughing, looking up to the sky to see how tall the trees are, traveling far and near, creating simple and intentional spaces in my home, not wearing makeup, holistic remedies, playing around with vegan cooking and pretending I am a writer.

I have been an artist all my life and my favorite simple quote sums me up well: "My business is to create."

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Newly pregnant with our second, adventures cutting down a tree for Christmas.